So you've found The Midnight Files.  This is my own personal fanfiction metropolis where I shall be posting my works, my recs, and other random things.  So take a looksee and have fun.

-Ara (aka Arithilim)

About Where I Post

Because I'm just that strange and random, I can never just post in one place.

Currently I post all my works on:
-LJ (though comments redirect to DW)

When I get around to posting my HP fics, they'll likely be posted in other archives too ^_^

About Me

One word: Random.  That's me ^_^  Other stuff: I'm a teenager, I live in the US, I like Chinese food.  Music makes me happy.  I'm way into collaborative stuff, and I live for projects!  I'm also ADD and can never just do one thing at a time.